Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seeking: Totally Radical Hauntings

Oh man yesterday I was alone in my room drawing at my desk - next to the window farthest from the door leading to my roommates bedroom - the house was empty except for my roommate Daniel downstairs - anyway my door opens up a crack and it quickly creeks shut with a playful thud and click .

So this happens twice over the course of 8 seconds or so - "Hey Daniel..." I call out casually - and then there is this weird silence, it wasn't an upsetting silence, it was similar to the sudden hush of hide and seek. I look at the door - about 15 seconds have passed - and there is this shadow under the door like he is standing there - convinced he's screwing with me I sneak to the door and tear it open - the room was totally empty and that was that...

p.s. I've made an edition of 20 lithographs of this drawing. I will also be mounting them to dead tree wood, packaging them in cool handmade boxes, letter press the box with OUIJA - you also get a handmade planchete. I'm thinking $30 sounds fair.

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