Thursday, April 16, 2009

film still

this is a still from my final animation project - see it soon.


Fossil on a Paper said...

wicked kranes

the verification word was brolsi.

god these are beautiful. the shadows are scary.

Spirit Kazoo said...

woow can't wait!!

HK said...

dude fuckin sweet. my word was raviabi. i dont even kno what that means but i think its a new virus you get from eating chef boyardee ravioli where you foam at the mouth and sprout talking spores from your head that keep going on about robot sex toys. or something.

ANDY said...

this is eerily fantastik! i've been checking out your stuff for a while now and i was wondering if you would like to do a collaboration of some sort. i think that mine and yours could look good together!

btw my word was detbowni, sounds like bowtie